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Why should I consider Dr. Satz's approach to therapy?
Most styles of therapy are helpful in getting a person through a crisis or very difficult time. Dr. Satz's approach goes beyond this to help the person enlarge his or her perspective and learn strategies that are both beneficial and liberating. Often it is a challenging time that brings a person into therapy, but it is a shift in perspective, more skillful living, more freedom and ultimately greater happiness, which makes therapy with Dr. Satz useful beyond traditional approaches.

What kinds of issues will this therapy address?
All issues can be explored in this type of therapy. Generally, people who choose this approach are successful in many areas of their life but are stuck in one or a few. It is ideal for dealing with depression and anxiety, relationship or communication difficulties, low self-esteem, fears of all kinds, times of transition, habit changing, working through difficult experiences, and much more. This approach is generally not recommended for serious mental illness issues.

How will I know if this is the right therapy for me?
There are two general components to a productive therapy process. The first are the philosophies, strategies and techniques offered. These should feel useful, relevant, manageable, insightful and profound--in other words, make sense to you in a deep way. You should have that feeling of "Aha!" or a deep resonance with the insights and practical tools suggested. And you should see change occurring in your life.

The second equally important ingredient is the relationship between therapist and client. In order for transformation to occur, this must feel safe and open, compassionate and nonjudgmental, wise and nurturing. You should feel deeply understood at the same time that you are offered information that takes you beyond what you already know, and therefore gives you more options and the ability to change a situation. Only you can make this determination. Tuning into yourself and respecting your inner knowing will give you the answer as to whether Dr. Satz's approach is right for you.

How often do I come and for how long?
Most people meet once a week or every other week. In times of crisis or during a very difficult period, twice a week sessions may be beneficial for a limited time. As people feel better and become more adept at applying the tools learned, they may continue on a once- or twice-monthly basis.

Dr. Satz's approach to therapy is centered on the intentions of the client. Therapy can be a time of problem solving or it can be a life-changing experience. It can focus on an issue at hand or it can be used as an ongoing safe haven to reflect on life and make skillful choices as they arise. Therapy can be as limited or as extensive as the person wants. While Dr. Satz will make recommendations, the decision is up to the individual and will be supported. Some people come for a brief time; others choose to work with Dr. Satz as a life coach on an ongoing basis to make the most of their life.

Is everything I say confidential?
Absolutely! There are strict laws governing confidentiality in psychology. What is said in the session stays in the session. No communication is made outside of the session unless expressly requested and the client signs a waiver of confidentiality.

What is the cost of a therapy session?
Dr. Satz charges $160 for a 60-minute therapy session. Dr. Satz is an in-network provider for Blue Cross so can bill directly. Any co-pay is expected at the time of the session.

How do I make an appointment?
Call 734-741-8498. You may speak to Dr. Satz directly or if she is unavailable, leave a message and she will return your call promptly. Feel free to ask her any questions before setting up an appointment. Blue Cross / Blue Shield accepted.

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Madelyn Satz, Ph.D.
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2½ Ridgemor Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Telephone: 734-741-8498

Dr. Satz's approach to therapy offers tools and understandings to help you cope with difficult situations and realize your full potential.


Blue Cross / Blue Shield Accepted