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Therapy That Works

What if you were able to see things in a new light so that they not only make sense as a learning opportunity, you were then able to chart a new course for yourself?​​​
What if you could learn simple techniques to help you deal skillfully with difficult situations?​
What if these understandings and tools could dramatically improve how you feel and vastly increase your options?
We are all here in life intending to learn. Most of us are motivated to make changes when we’re hitting a series of bumps or fall into a colossal hole. Understanding why something is happening and what we’re meant to learn makes all the difference in how an experience feels. Once you know what the ultimate intention is and how to actually deal with it, the challenging, painful experience transforms into one of growth and opportunity that actually becomes something positive.

There are simple techniques that are easy to learn that will change how you deal with challenging situations. There are philosophical and foundational understandings that will shed a completely new light on what’s going on and what the purposefulness of that experience is and will change how you feel. Together, tools to cope and awareness to understand, shift a difficult situation to one of possibility and benefit.

As your perspective expands, you will have a much larger view of who you are, who others are, what life is about, why something is happening, what you are meant to learn from it and what you can do about it.

You will learn how to deal most skillfully with all of life's challenges, big and small.

You will deepen your understanding of life and grow toward your full potential.

Your life will change in monumentally positive ways.
Not only will you FEEL better, your life will BE better.
This isn't magic and it's not difficult to do.

This is therapy that works.

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Madelyn Satz, Ph.D.
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Dr. Satz's approach to therapy offers tools and understandings to help you cope with difficult situations and realize your full potential.


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